Organic earthy jewellery

My metalsmith training was very traditional and I have always prefered low tech tools and techniques. I work slowly and gradually and I love to see finished pieces emerge and take shape from the raw materials. My favourite designs emphasise simple forms and I like to create organic textures. I have been making jewellery for 14 years, starting out just making gifts for friends and family and it grew from there. My proudest moment was making my first wedding rings, it's a real honour to make something so meaningful. My gold tree bark wedding rings have been featured in 'Love My Dress' and my silver bangles on Rock My Wedding.

I use recycled materials whenever possible. Professionally recycled metals have exactly the same purity as mined metal but lower environmental impact. I also use metal clay which is derived from recycled silver. In my workshop I have found alternatives to harsh chemicals often used in jewellery production and I use recycled gift packaging too!

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